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I'm just some guy that really likes Nintendo, Pokemon, and Steven Universe
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what happened in roughly 1870 though

why was there temporary internet

with a few people searching for pokemon?



If you’re not hype for Smash 4 I really don’t want to talk to you


so i forgot i made these miis…

I don’t think I’ve ever played a game so flawless before


mom: go to bed
me: can i watch one more video
mom: ok


300th post on this blog, and I think I’ll mark that by finally starting up commissions! My second year at UArts is beginning soon and I’m a bit low on cash for materials, so I’d figure I’d finally start doing this. 

Pencil Sketches: $5 + $3 for each additional character- price may vary depending on the scale of the sketch

Digital Lineart: $8 + $4 for each additional character

Flat Coloring: $15 + $7 for each additional character

Shaded: $18 + $9 for each additional character

Shading+Background: $25 + $9 for each additional character. I have the right to raise or lower the price depending on the background complexity.

Send me an inbox message either on this blog or my main if you want to set up a commission or have anymore questions.

Please be aware that I have the right to deny any requests I see unfit (general NSFW stuff like fetishes, gore, extreme violence, touchy or suggestive themes, etc), so I hope you can understand if I turn you down. 




It’s literally the same character how did they get away with this