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Track: Mario Choir
Artist: And Vinny Losing It


Yoshi Circuit from Double Dash returns in the Zelda x MK8 DLC

levulosely said: hi. i am here. standing. praise me. for i have done nothing.

When I was at Symphonic Evolutions last month the show’s encore ended on a vocal sing-along version of the XY credits theme, and literally no one sang along because no one remembers or cares for the XY credits theme

I mean besides the fact that the characters start walking at 1 frame per second, Sycamore not changing expression at all, the background looking like those pre-rendered parts of Ocarina of Time, and that the characters look like they’re just super imposed there 

Am I the only one that thinks the ending segment besides the emotion on AZ’s face looks fucking atrocious 


When your family has guests over

I really wish Pokemon would reboot its story and progression mechanics to something like Mother 3 with maybe something like a timeskip, a villainous team having a world-scale effect with their evil, actually memorable NPCs, etc

They can keep the gamplay the same and maybe make some changing adjustments without changing the core, but the in-game really needs to get rebooted because it’s getting tired as hell, looking back at XY the story was a literal clusterfuck of ideas that couldn’t be implemented and some of the weakest characters in the entire series 


Everyone has the right to their opinions but if you hate Kirby you are wrong.

Track: i gotta


wario’s voice clips from wario world

Track: magic cat's theme