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I'm just some guy that really likes Nintendo, Pokemon, and Steven Universe
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Here some pages from the comic of Steven Universe #1!



remember when everybody got angry because the link in the new zelda turned out to be link


luigi sold mario for 15 dollars

Put together my favorite games in order though this is extremely subject to change

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I think I’m gonna put together my top 20 current games though I don’t really even know which one would be #1


i downloaded this video and put it as a gif in photoshop and there is literally no single frame in this video where the kid who gets hit with the pillow actually shows any obviously notable recoil



these two frames are less than a second apart

  • puniper said: is it your first time beating it? :^o

Yeah, I bought the game last year, had to put it down at the beginning of Chapter 7 due to my first semester of college starting up, beat Chapter 7 during the winter break, had to put it down again, and then saw with that Paper Mario Smash 4 PotD that I’d completely forgotten that I still had one more chapter left, and sat down over the last three nights beating it

It was long-procrastinated but well worth it



another episode, another instance of goodbye oak

I just beat Thousand-Year Door

  • Duster: What if Miyamoto made Punch-Out?
  • Ryan G: does he like sit down at night with a poster of the mario rpgs and shake his fist angrilly